Yesterday I heard what might be the two best records of the year: Spankrock-Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo and Rhymefest-Blue Collar. I slipped on both records to hear what they were like, actually intending just to burn a record (no hate, I'm poor!) and stumbled on these two. I had heard that Rhymefest was a substitute teacher who made "Jesus Walks" and destroyed Eminem in a freestyle and decided to check him out. I'm still looking for my testicles; I believe they've been kicked somewhere up in the bellybutton region, but I can't be sure because I don't even know if they exist anymore after listening to that record. I want to describe in full galactic detail the album but I must resist simply because I want the listener to hear for the first time with complete virgin ears, not expecting anything but the lower region of your body to be smashed into stardust and to enjoy it. It comes out officially June 11th so make sure you have the neccessary funds. Please support Rhymefest!

Rhymefest ft Kanye West- Brand New
Rhymefest vs Seez Mics
Rhymefest vs Swann (Swann actually might have won this one)

Spankrock is certainly much crazier; listening to it reminded me of Prefuse 73 in terms of jumping from one ultimate craziness to the next. It's pretty boss and more than definitely worth checking out. In fact, I believe you can go buy it right now for $15.99 or so, or $9.99 off of iTunes. Do what you have to get this record. The bank will understand.

Let me tell you something: these albums are fucking amazing, with both the words fucking and amazing not coming within the ballgame of wordpower needed to fully showcase how great they are. Check the clips out and please purchase these records!

P.S. Ghostface is still purchasable as well. Think about it: how many copies do you have of Fishscale? One? Not nearly enough. You need one for each room. Each room you've ever been in.