We've all heard of the collaboration between best MC alive, Ghostface and super producer, MF Doom. The only thing that has reached sound waves so far has been a track, Angeles, that will most likely feature on their collabo EP, Swift and Changeable. I really like the song. It reminds me of a song that would be in Chinatown. As does many of Doom's cuts. By the way, the thing I mentioned about a GhostDOOM mixtape I found. Well it was phoney, so I'm sorry for getting your hopes up.

Thank you, Karl Malone.

A nice preview schedule of key hip-hop releases for the whole year.

Cuban Linx 2 info from RZA.

Check out Austin, over at What We All Want.

Google Going iTunes?

It looks like the Indians are going to be a tough contender in the Chisox way this year. The Indians picked up another victory against the Twins, in an 11-6 blowout. Sox are taking on KC, so hopefully we'll bounce back after a disappointing opening homestand.

Have you noticed when someone like Roger Clemens pitches inside, and hits someone, he is just playing the game right and teaching the hitter a lesson. But when Pedro throws inside and hits someone, he is being a dirty player.

Just Might Be Okay- Lupe Fiasco

This is the B-side to Kick, Push.

If anyone wants Papoose mixtapes, post below.