Well if some of my readers don't know why the blog is called Grandma's Basement, let me explain. Well my family and I got evicted from our original house, so now we live in my grandma's basement. When we moved into my grandma's basement, our pet dog CoCo couldn't stay with us, because Mama and Poppa have cats, so this couldn't work out. We had to give CoCo to my sister's best friend's parent's house. They are animal lovers, so we agreed to the terms. CoCo is aging. I believe she is around 15 or 16 right now. She was beginning to have a limp in her stride. She has now reached the point where she might just be ready to throw in the towel. I mean she just got back from the hospital, and now she can't walk at all. I feel bad, because we had to strand her to live some place, but we still love her to death, and always talk about her, but she probably thinks that we were a bunch of jerks who dropped her off, and abandoned her. She is hurt too, because she was abandoned before and given to a shelter, where we picked her up, and kept her for around all of her 15 or so years. So twice in her life she has been dropped off, and left in the dust. I'm going to drive over to her current space, and see her for maybe the last time ever. This is tough man. I'm almost crying now, and will most definitely cry when I see her. CoCo was one hell of a dog. It's too bad her hours are coming to a close.