Stand up East London, Rascal!! Dizzee Rascal is supposedly having a new album titled Maths and English coming out in May. People who have heard Dizzee, must be very happy at the moment. This was such a nice surprise for me. I didn't think anything coming out relatively close could knock out Fishscale, but now Ghost might get some (very little) dust when Maths and English is dropped.

Plus, who needs gmail when you can get your own Dizzee Rascal email address. Let the movement begin.

You can watch around 10-15 mins. of his performance he did at Irvnig Plaza in NYC last year on his site. He raps the verses of "Dream" over the beat of "Juicy" at the end. It looks like it was a blast to be at.

He's touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Europe, so all you lads go and see him.

Dizzee makes some of the best videos around nowadays. I mean, watch these.

Fix Up Look Sharp
I Luv U

Another thing brightened up this cloudy Easter Day. On a calendar of hip-hop albums being released this year, Kanye West's next installement titled
Graduation is locked and loaded for an autumn release. Man, I love hip-hop.