Since I now reside with my grandparents, my Grandpa (We call him Papa) is always hanging around. He is 80 years old, and needs an oxygen tank, so he usually is reading the paper, watching TV, and sitting at his old faithful chair. Well as I was going to the library, I noticed something about him. He wears hip-hop clothes. He was wearing bright white Reeboks, almost identical to Jam Master Jay's. He had super baggy shorts on, with high socks, so you couldn't see any of his skin. Then he just had a generic T-shirt on, looking like he just didn't care much about the top. Just because everything wasn't fresh (Except for maybe his kicks), or he wasn't wearing a jersey, or he didn't have Paul Wall made grillz, doesn't mean he wasn't hip-hop. Papa is a wise, wise man. He is also a former Priest. He's got soul, much like your local Reverend. He was also formerly in the Navy, so he might of took some lives, possibly like your's, mine, and our's favorite rapper. Catching on. Keep the soul Papa.

Tonight at dinner, we had a cheesecake sampler. Which is a variety of different kinds of slices. I took a minute to find out which piece I wanted. Then Papa told me this story. He said that an old farmer hired a man to help him around the house. He told the man to cut all the trees down. In a half hour, the trees were cut. Then he said to chop them into logs, and make them into piles. In a half hour, the job was done. The old man thought he'd let the man have an easy job since he had done all this hard work. He told the man to organize his potatoes. The good ones went in this basket, the bad ones went in this basket, and the ones you weren't sure of go in this basket. The old man came back after a half hour, and the man was passed out. The old man splashed water on the man. "What happened, you cut all the trees, made logs, and put them in piles." The man replied. "It's all these damn decisions!"

I thought that story was true. Decisions are more hard then labor. Think about it. When you go to Best Buy, and have two albums in your hand. It's impossible to pick the right one, since you might have enough money for just one. Labor, you'll complain, but it's never that hard. You just don't want to do it.

-I found a horrifying thing. Open up Microsoft Word. Type in capital letters, Q33 NY. This is the flight number of the first plane that hit the Twin Towers. Highlight the Q33 NY. Change the font size to 48. Change the font type to Windings. Crazy isnt it?

-Looks like the NFL basically invited the whole Def Jam roster to this party.

-By the way, Lupe Fiasco's album is still set for June 27

-Where has George gone? It's now almost a whole month.