Since Food & Liquor leaked, Lupe has said that he "doubts" the album will come out now. He said that he has been working on it for around 5 years now, and he hates to see all this work get let out like this. Well I haven't downloaded it yet, and I'm not plannning on doing it, and this was one of my most anticipated albums of the year. So I need this to come out. Well I thought I got to do something to try to turn his mind (Although I do think it will come out no matter what). I've made an account at MTV, so I could vote for "Kick, Push" on TRL. It just got premiered so yes, you can vote for it. Just go to this link, once you are logged in. Click "Kick, Push", then hit submit at the bottom. Vote!!

Remember Jack White was supposed to make a Coca-Cola song? Well it seemed like it was never going to happen, but today I tripped across the commercial. It's easily the coolest and most oddest Coke commercial ever. The song is pretty good, but the actual ad is really weird.

Gnarls Barkley review by Bol

On the newest Sound Opinions, Jim and Greg discuss Fishscale. You have to skip to about the last 3/4 of the episode to get to that part.

I passed on The Go! Team's debut last year. Boy was I wrong. It's easily my third favorite album of last year behind Kanye and M.I.A.

Ladyflash (Video)

My dad was one of those people who didn't like hip-hop, although he never really heard it. Well I showed him Biggie, Kanye, and Jay-Z. He likes it now. It goes along with my previous post about people whom if they actually listened to "Can I Live" they'd like it. My experiment proves that as a fact.