The Nintendo Revolution has changed the official name to the Nintendo Wii. 1up has now posted an in-depth feature on Wii. I'll just point out some key points.

-I've talked to some of my friends at school, and they say that they would like a feature of a regular controller, instead of only using the insanely brilliant Wii controller (Pictured above). Nintendo has said that two controllers are going to be compatible. "Nunchuck" and "Shell". Shell being the Gamecube styled one. You can also use Gamecube controllers and memory cards if you want.

-It will be the cheapest system coming out of the Next-Gen systems. Possibly being as low as $150.

-You'll be able to download old-school Nintendo games from every system, with possible graphic enhancements for them.

-It will most likely feature online play. Yes, Yes, Yes.

-It will be released hopefully by Holiday Season '06.

-There is still a final secret that will smash our faces in even more than this thing already has.

Take a few minutes to read the full 5 page feature. Just to let people know, I'm going to be standing in line with a tent waiting for this.

Nas was right: life's a bitch, than you die.