Lately I've been listening to the Silent Hill soundtrack (for the videogame, and it's really more of a mixtape of all the series' music/sounds). The Silent Hills have always been brilliant maestroes, using sounds and music in more ways than one that have actually surpassed a lot of what has rolled out of Hollywood. Anyways, the other record I've been listening to a lot is still Ghostface. I was scavaging around the booklet, looking up where the samples were from and clicked: why the hell aren't more rappers turning to videogame soundtracks for inspiration? Videogame soundtracks have never been taken seriously as works of outstanding art as they should be, more like novelty tunes you hum when your friends are around to make them laugh, but some of them are absolutely amazing. Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy, Diablo; the list can absolutely go on forever. But would these match up with rappers? Brilliantly yes. Videogame soundtracks are used for atmosphere, not just jingleness. Silent Hill, for example, has mixes of slight rud-da-du-dum drumming, white noise, thin mandolin peels, and shoe steps; it's an audio collage but also has an eerie beauty to it. Feces will comfortably slide down to your socks, yes, but still, it's amazing. The emphasis on atmosphere undeniably suits hip-hop's storytelling ways, almost more like classical piece, really. The combination of Ghostface rapping over a siren and white noise (with no drums-that would be awesome) would create pretty blurry line between if that brown stuff by your butt was from ear-awesomeness of terror-come-anal-leakage.

Anyways, this sounds like it could at least be interesting so I'm going to see what I can make of it. Toodles