I was searching around for an interview Jack White did with Rolling Stone back in the Elephant days in which he talked about how he wasn't that big of a fan of hip-hop outside of Wu-Tang and Outkast (he also thinks Missy Elliot is completely amazing((Double Parenthesis: the real reason I was looking for this interview was because I wanted to see the sentence again where Jack White said he liked Wu-Tang.)

Anyways, I found the little bit on After the little paragraph in which Lord Jack discussed his tastebuds inching away from hip-hop, the author of this blog oldie, jsmooth995, discusses just what it is that he loves about hip-hop:

"For 6 years I was a teacher/counselor for "emotionally disturbed" teens at a group home upstate. One day we went on a field trip and walked by a construction site, and the sound of drilling rattled our bones. As we went by one of my favorite students, Kelly Miles, turned to me and said "That sound is dope! Somebody needs to sample that and make a beat with it." I knew exactly what she meant, and what made that drilling sound so dope had nothing to do with rhythm, melody, or storytelling. It was the noise itself that had an irresistibly visceral quality to it. As Public Enemy so wisely observed, that's one of the most important qualities found in any good hip-hop- you have to bring the noise."

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Excellent couple of paragraphs that completely and galactically sums up any hip-hop lover's ear evolution. The last week I've been able to sleep next to an open window at night. The wind breezes it's eerie breathes across the screen, bugs send out rhythmic hellos, goodbyes and everything in between, a train sends out its colossal doomsday screech while chugging across a steel trail. And my brain computes every one of these sounds into a song. I don't mean that in some arrogant Look, I'm Mozart way but rather the effect hip-hop has had on me. With other musical genres, such as rock for example, 95% of people working the gears think only within what the guitar can do. And when I say guitar I mean Keith Richards rhythm guitar strumming-the basic guitar sound. The ones who stick within this temple only stick along with this line; they don't think how they can make that train sound with guitar, how they make their appregoes sound like grasshoppers, how to create the push of wind. They only think within a very tight, restricted box, witch has created some of the most brilliant music on the planet, and will continue do as evident by the ultimateness known as the White Stripes. But the majority of these crowds are not nearly within the inventive range of Just Blaze, Pharrell, Dre, Kanye, RZA, MF Doom, or any of the other scientists sitting in a lab in their basement, trying to emulate the sound of scissors hitting a brick in a thunderstorm, about to blow our minds.