I just don't know what to do with myself, da da. I just don't know what to do with myself, da da. I really don't. This whole blogging thing is getting boring to me. I need something to keep me motivated. I'm just bored of it. Everyday I just post links. There aren't too many blogs that are highly creative (There are some really good blogs though). I simply don't have any motivation to go on. Plus, my dad just got employed with a corporate company ($122,000 base salary, and big bonus) so the whole Grandma's Basement has lost it's edge. I would be more than happy to be writing with another blog, but I don't think my writing can hold up a blog. Blogs need to be updated alot. I'd prefer to let things breathe. So I'm most likely going to hang up the jersey. But maybe Tom will still keep the train going. Thank you to my small following and bests to all. Remember the name Joe Lazar. Sienara.

P.S.-If you'd like me to help you out at your blog, please email me, because I'd love to.