I am a rabid fan of the internet, like fanboy #1. But one thing that makes me unbelievably sad about the proliferation of the internet is listener apathy. It seems that less and less people are sitting down and soaking in albums or even just songs. There's so much on the internet to get your hands, so many songs on so many blogs, that it proves irresistible to keep surfing the net. It's as if just saying you've heard the song is good enough nowadays, that actually letting it grind into your life and affect you is becoming more and more dangerously something of the past and it makes me incredibly sad. By no means whatsoever is getting glued to an album or song or artist as old as Civil War but it just seems as if we're losing that magical connection with it.

The ironic twist of the sword is just how much we are enshroud in music all around us. Blogs, websites, P2P services, Torrents, IPods, ITunes, TV, malls, stores, movies, videogames-just absolutely everywhere you go there is a jingle to accompany it. But the emotional chord is thinning for a lot of people. The trend isn't permanent by any means or the end of the magic-people said the same thing about FM radio, records, tapes, and CD's, and, tada, we're still loving it. So no, the internet isn't the end but rather the beginning of something new and exciting, people just have to find the grip on the handle so they sit down and enjoy every ounce of the new Ghostface record, Fishscale, which you can find at your local record store and electronic store retail or ITunes under Ghostface Killah. It's cheap, come on, go buy it!