How many people can you screw over? Suge Knight has filed for bankruptcy after the highly possible chance of Death Row. You all know the story by now, Suge didn't pay money to someone who declares he just as much made Death Row as much as Suge did (financially speaking).

Suge Knight has put people under the bus before, literally and methaporhicly speaking. A more notable one was with Dick Griffey who is the former chairman of Solar Records. Griffey was close with Suge, even considered a father figure, claimed that there was a written agreement with Knight, in which Griffey deserved a large amount of the gross revenue Death Row was making. Griffey then was just about set to release a $125 million breach-of-partnership on Knight, but Knight and Griffey met, and cleared up the incident.

I don't know if Suge is going to try to clear this one up. I mean Michael Harris isn't exactly a father figure to our knowledge. It doesn't look like they are ready to discuss the matters, especially privately, since Harris is currently serving time.

This incident will affect some, but the music industry and music customers are clearly not hungry for anymore Death Row records anytime soon. What was the last decent Death Row album? About 10 years ago. Death Row only makes money from the newest Snoop Dogg greatest hits compilation, and for people who feel the need to buy The Chronic for the 6th time, just to make sure, if any of the albums burn out (which makes sense, safety first).

I have a question. The songs of Death Row would be handed over to the court. Does this mean that the original artists would own their own songs? That would be tremendous for an artist to finally have the rights to the masterpieces they've made.

I wonder how many FREE SUGE signs there will be this time around?