God bless Jim Thome. The Sox have won their 4th consecutive game, along with Thome extending his home run streak to 4 games as well. Now 6 HR on the year, technicially he is headed for 97 HR on the year. This lefty's swing is just beautiful. Everytime he swings the bat, it feels good. He is just so intimidating in the box to pitchers now. I get the same vibe when I watch Thome, as I do when Sheffield steps up to the plate. Just pure terror of something destructive. Thome's OBP is now .561, making him 2nd in the AL. He gets walked every game. Go ahead think I'm crazy, but I see the white version of Bonds right now. Lefty, powerful, intimidating, force, experienced veteran, and one hell of an OBP. Garland definitely was a scare today though. Two straight outings, where Jon has just got shelled. You still got time to spare, but don't keep us waiting much longer, we need you Garland. McCarthy has now allowed his first runs of the season, giving up 2 ER in 3 innings of work. But still a spectacular ERA of 2.00. With Paulie looking like he's locked in now, the Sox above .500, and this year's MVP known as Jim Thome, the Sox are heading to Chicago with some steam going.

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My sister made my whole family some chocolate chip pancakes, and they were amazing. I can't let this go, without some recgoniztion. So here's a variety of different pancake recipes for you to enjoy.