Dudley Perkin's new album Expressions has crept into my early favorites. If you can compare him to something, it's the psychedelic (Thank you Google spell check), weird, and '60s side of John Legend. Madlib produced the entire album, so it was put into dependable hands. I recommend it to all.

Funky Dudley (MP3)

^That's not a sign of the whole album, it's the only legal download I could give you guys. The album is all funky like that, but still a top tune.

I've picked up a new indie hipster craze album, Spank Rock's
YoYoYoYoYoYo. It's supposed to be a crazy album, so I'll keep you update with how it goes.

While I'm on the subject of top albums, I'll give you my early top five of the year.

1. Ghostface-Fishscale
2. J Dilla Jay Dee-Donuts
3. Dirty Pretty Things-Waterloo To Anywhere
4. Dudley Perkins-Expressions
5. The Strokes-First Impressions Of Earth

Some good Rakim stuff

AllHipHop's take on the leak of Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Speaks on the leak

Keep voting for "Kick, Push" on TRL!! And add 106 & Park to the campaign.

Interesting fact: 106 & Park is more watched than TRL