Busta Rhymes is officialy reaching John Rocker status. Sure the guy can make innoative music, but he is a first class moron. He recently smashed a glass bottle over Source magazine founder David Mays. This caused 50 stitches in the head for Mays. It was attempted possibly because the connection with Source disrespecting 50 Cent and Eminem, who Busta shares a record label with, and obviously must be pretty close for him to put 50 stitches in someone's head.

Busta then was chilling at 11th Street Diner in Miami. It's located right next to a gay club called Twist. At 11th Street, there were numerous drag queens, gay men, and transvestites. One gay fan approached him, and tapped him on the shoulder harmlessly, not in any gay manner, and congratulated Busta on his recent work. Busta must care enough about gay people, just as much as the current red, white, and blue leader, because Busta then hollered at the fan for his approachment. Then Busta's bodyguards pushed the fan away. The worst part is next. Busta whispered to the bodyguards that he "hates fuckin faggots." What's going on man? I can't imagine what would happen if there was an openly gay rapper in hip-hop today.