Busta Rhymes-The Big Bang (Exclusive New Song)

MF Grimm-Watch Out
(New Song)

Information on Christina Aguilera's upcoming album, Back To Basics. I love my pop princesses, especially when DJ Premier produces half the album.

Some hip-hop shows were announced. But since those are in NY, and I live in Chicago, I'm going to try to go to this.

I've had Firefox for a long time, and it's majors above Internet Explorer. Firefox feels like the Revolution, and IE feels like N64. Now Google is getting in on the idea of a Firefox populated internet. Explorer Destroyer. Firefox is so good, if you refer someone to it, you get money. Get Firefox already.

I had a few spare bucks, so I got two Powerades. Man, Powerade is so fantastic. Now all I'll accept going down my throat is Powerade, Water, Propel, and Gatorade.