As we know, Proof from D12 has been shot to death. This is another tragic loss for hip-hop, caused by violence.

Something that gets me mad, is that this isn't being coveraged through out the news on TV. It's obviously gotten its way through the hip-hop crowd, but not the average human knows this. I mean come on, this should be broadcasted for everyone's eyes. People need to understand what is happening to people, specificly young black males. You have young black men getting their heads blown off all the time, but yet the news only finds time to show you the best way for you to step your golf game up. When they do find time to discuss matters having to do with violence, there is never coverage on blacks. I'm not saying I don't want people to know about what's happening in Iraq, but let's have a variety at least, to show what's happening to young black men. I don't want people to feist their eyes violence all the time, but you have to come to a point and agree that obvious things aren't being covered.

I'm worried that this will go into the eyes of people as hip-hop being violent and bad for people to listen to. We all know that MC's are trying to explain the opposite to us. Not many MC's encourage violence and sniffing cocaine. Listen to Reasonable Doubt. Jay-Z doesn't tell us he wanted to hustle, but he had to do this. He explains that we should never get involved with it.

Hip-hop is so true to us, that people can't handle it. Here in hip-hop, people don't sugar coat anything. They tell us straight up what's happening. But what average white parent will actually give Reasonable Doubt a chance? They look at the titles, and see that they had to sensor a title, so this surely must be bad for my kid. Some people don't give hip-hop a chance. I can't prove this, but I'm sure some, probably little, people would change their minds, if they actually listened to "Can't Knock The Hustle", "Can I Live", and "Regrets". Let's jump to right now America, fuck isn't a weapon, it's just a word.

Proof wasn't the greatest, most underappreciated MC ever, like some are now claiming. He was just a young black male hanging out in America.

R.I.P. Proof