I never really post on here but this needs mega rainbow bazooka posting. This is totally insane. The balls hooked onto this man may not be in there tomorrow morning once the CIA gets their hands on him, but last night, Colbert riffed on America in full punk rock glory. Watch the man in action.

Colbert Roasts Bush 1
Colbert Roasts Bush 2
Colbert Roasts Bush 3

I am one to declare openly that I, among everybody else not in that room last night, to have a huge mancrush on him. God bless America!


I just don't know what to do with myself, da da. I just don't know what to do with myself, da da. I really don't. This whole blogging thing is getting boring to me. I need something to keep me motivated. I'm just bored of it. Everyday I just post links. There aren't too many blogs that are highly creative (There are some really good blogs though). I simply don't have any motivation to go on. Plus, my dad just got employed with a corporate company ($122,000 base salary, and big bonus) so the whole Grandma's Basement has lost it's edge. I would be more than happy to be writing with another blog, but I don't think my writing can hold up a blog. Blogs need to be updated alot. I'd prefer to let things breathe. So I'm most likely going to hang up the jersey. But maybe Tom will still keep the train going. Thank you to my small following and bests to all. Remember the name Joe Lazar. Sienara.

P.S.-If you'd like me to help you out at your blog, please email me, because I'd love to.
The Nintendo Revolution has changed the official name to the Nintendo Wii. 1up has now posted an in-depth feature on Wii. I'll just point out some key points.

-I've talked to some of my friends at school, and they say that they would like a feature of a regular controller, instead of only using the insanely brilliant Wii controller (Pictured above). Nintendo has said that two controllers are going to be compatible. "Nunchuck" and "Shell". Shell being the Gamecube styled one. You can also use Gamecube controllers and memory cards if you want.

-It will be the cheapest system coming out of the Next-Gen systems. Possibly being as low as $150.

-You'll be able to download old-school Nintendo games from every system, with possible graphic enhancements for them.

-It will most likely feature online play. Yes, Yes, Yes.

-It will be released hopefully by Holiday Season '06.

-There is still a final secret that will smash our faces in even more than this thing already has.

Take a few minutes to read the full 5 page feature. Just to let people know, I'm going to be standing in line with a tent waiting for this.

Nas was right: life's a bitch, than you die.


Busta Rhymes-The Big Bang (Exclusive New Song)

MF Grimm-Watch Out
(New Song)

Information on Christina Aguilera's upcoming album, Back To Basics. I love my pop princesses, especially when DJ Premier produces half the album.

Some hip-hop shows were announced. But since those are in NY, and I live in Chicago, I'm going to try to go to this.

I've had Firefox for a long time, and it's majors above Internet Explorer. Firefox feels like the Revolution, and IE feels like N64. Now Google is getting in on the idea of a Firefox populated internet. Explorer Destroyer. Firefox is so good, if you refer someone to it, you get money. Get Firefox already.

I had a few spare bucks, so I got two Powerades. Man, Powerade is so fantastic. Now all I'll accept going down my throat is Powerade, Water, Propel, and Gatorade.


Snoop is released without any charges.

Quentin Tarantino is making a Jimi Hendrix movie set for 2007.

People who talk on forums, here's a good avatar to have. It's Cam'ron spitting on a little girl.

White Sox fans, if yod didn't know already, Hawk and DJ have a blog now.

Seems like the hip-hop world has been boring of late. Nothing too creative to talk about. Just links and links and links.


Since I now reside with my grandparents, my Grandpa (We call him Papa) is always hanging around. He is 80 years old, and needs an oxygen tank, so he usually is reading the paper, watching TV, and sitting at his old faithful chair. Well as I was going to the library, I noticed something about him. He wears hip-hop clothes. He was wearing bright white Reeboks, almost identical to Jam Master Jay's. He had super baggy shorts on, with high socks, so you couldn't see any of his skin. Then he just had a generic T-shirt on, looking like he just didn't care much about the top. Just because everything wasn't fresh (Except for maybe his kicks), or he wasn't wearing a jersey, or he didn't have Paul Wall made grillz, doesn't mean he wasn't hip-hop. Papa is a wise, wise man. He is also a former Priest. He's got soul, much like your local Reverend. He was also formerly in the Navy, so he might of took some lives, possibly like your's, mine, and our's favorite rapper. Catching on. Keep the soul Papa.

Tonight at dinner, we had a cheesecake sampler. Which is a variety of different kinds of slices. I took a minute to find out which piece I wanted. Then Papa told me this story. He said that an old farmer hired a man to help him around the house. He told the man to cut all the trees down. In a half hour, the trees were cut. Then he said to chop them into logs, and make them into piles. In a half hour, the job was done. The old man thought he'd let the man have an easy job since he had done all this hard work. He told the man to organize his potatoes. The good ones went in this basket, the bad ones went in this basket, and the ones you weren't sure of go in this basket. The old man came back after a half hour, and the man was passed out. The old man splashed water on the man. "What happened, you cut all the trees, made logs, and put them in piles." The man replied. "It's all these damn decisions!"

I thought that story was true. Decisions are more hard then labor. Think about it. When you go to Best Buy, and have two albums in your hand. It's impossible to pick the right one, since you might have enough money for just one. Labor, you'll complain, but it's never that hard. You just don't want to do it.

-I found a horrifying thing. Open up Microsoft Word. Type in capital letters, Q33 NY. This is the flight number of the first plane that hit the Twin Towers. Highlight the Q33 NY. Change the font size to 48. Change the font type to Windings. Crazy isnt it?

-Looks like the NFL basically invited the whole Def Jam roster to this party.

-By the way, Lupe Fiasco's album is still set for June 27

-Where has George gone? It's now almost a whole month.


"Now the fellas... Na-Na-NaNaNa" How many times does Paul have to play "Hey Jude". Well the answer is every concert. I was thinking about how acts like McCartney, Stones, etc. just play greatest hits concerts. I mean when you are still coming out to "Jumping Jack Flash" in 2006, it's about time you should come up with some relavant music. And both Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones had good albums in 2005 (McCartney's being great actually). Yet McCartney only played two songs off of Chaos and Creation In The Backyard. Old timer bands always make the setlist completely predictable, consisting of two-three dreadful new songs, and 15 or so 'remember this one' sort of tunes. I just think it's about time for those bands to give it up if they are just going to play "Start Me Up", "Tumbling Dice", and "You Can't Always Get What You Want". Or at least play some of the rarely played greatest hits if you're gonna stick to the formula. They always say they are giving the fans what they want. The fanboys will say you are, but deep down inside they want to hear something off of Bigger Bang. Hell, I bet they'd kill to see some Flaming Pie action. It's time to mix it up especially when you have a good album. I thought of this because I was watching an AC/DC DVD. They came out to "Thunderstruck", then after that Brian Johnson said "We got some Back In Black for ya!" I was just laughing so hard. Now I'm sure if I was at a concert I'd be singing "Hey Jude" with the 45 year old business man on my right and the 43 year old mom to the left. So I'll give some awareness to my possible hypocracy. But this is starting to hurt some bands. Take U2 for example. On their Live From Chicago DVD, the whole crowd is business men, the teenagers are non-existent (Although the UK shows do have people below 35). The show is pretty bad from a U2 standpoint too. The worst parts being the greatest hits time when the show was totally out of sync just to get "New Years Day" in there. I just think old timers should at least put some effort into making the setlist. Just no more "Hey Jude" Paul.

I actually listened to the radio for the first time in ages this past weekend. I'm going to give you a little report on the radio.

*Rihanna's new single "SOS" is amazing.
*Bubba Sparxxx' single "Ms New Booty" is horrible.
*Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" is pretty boring.
*I learned that I love all of Ciara's singles, especially "Goodies".
*The Ying Yang Twins singles are really catchy. By the way their last album is highly underrated.
*Power 92 is having a Spring concert with T.I., Paul Wall, and Juel Santana.

-Did you know that Michael Jackson didn't write "Thriller". Rod Temperton did.

As John Kruk said, the White Sox got their swagger back this past week and a half.


Well if some of my readers don't know why the blog is called Grandma's Basement, let me explain. Well my family and I got evicted from our original house, so now we live in my grandma's basement. When we moved into my grandma's basement, our pet dog CoCo couldn't stay with us, because Mama and Poppa have cats, so this couldn't work out. We had to give CoCo to my sister's best friend's parent's house. They are animal lovers, so we agreed to the terms. CoCo is aging. I believe she is around 15 or 16 right now. She was beginning to have a limp in her stride. She has now reached the point where she might just be ready to throw in the towel. I mean she just got back from the hospital, and now she can't walk at all. I feel bad, because we had to strand her to live some place, but we still love her to death, and always talk about her, but she probably thinks that we were a bunch of jerks who dropped her off, and abandoned her. She is hurt too, because she was abandoned before and given to a shelter, where we picked her up, and kept her for around all of her 15 or so years. So twice in her life she has been dropped off, and left in the dust. I'm going to drive over to her current space, and see her for maybe the last time ever. This is tough man. I'm almost crying now, and will most definitely cry when I see her. CoCo was one hell of a dog. It's too bad her hours are coming to a close.


Yesterday I heard what might be the two best records of the year: Spankrock-Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo and Rhymefest-Blue Collar. I slipped on both records to hear what they were like, actually intending just to burn a record (no hate, I'm poor!) and stumbled on these two. I had heard that Rhymefest was a substitute teacher who made "Jesus Walks" and destroyed Eminem in a freestyle and decided to check him out. I'm still looking for my testicles; I believe they've been kicked somewhere up in the bellybutton region, but I can't be sure because I don't even know if they exist anymore after listening to that record. I want to describe in full galactic detail the album but I must resist simply because I want the listener to hear for the first time with complete virgin ears, not expecting anything but the lower region of your body to be smashed into stardust and to enjoy it. It comes out officially June 11th so make sure you have the neccessary funds. Please support Rhymefest!

Rhymefest ft Kanye West- Brand New
Rhymefest vs Seez Mics
Rhymefest vs Swann (Swann actually might have won this one)

Spankrock is certainly much crazier; listening to it reminded me of Prefuse 73 in terms of jumping from one ultimate craziness to the next. It's pretty boss and more than definitely worth checking out. In fact, I believe you can go buy it right now for $15.99 or so, or $9.99 off of iTunes. Do what you have to get this record. The bank will understand.

Let me tell you something: these albums are fucking amazing, with both the words fucking and amazing not coming within the ballgame of wordpower needed to fully showcase how great they are. Check the clips out and please purchase these records!

P.S. Ghostface is still purchasable as well. Think about it: how many copies do you have of Fishscale? One? Not nearly enough. You need one for each room. Each room you've ever been in.


Dudley Perkin's new album Expressions has crept into my early favorites. If you can compare him to something, it's the psychedelic (Thank you Google spell check), weird, and '60s side of John Legend. Madlib produced the entire album, so it was put into dependable hands. I recommend it to all.

Funky Dudley (MP3)

^That's not a sign of the whole album, it's the only legal download I could give you guys. The album is all funky like that, but still a top tune.

I've picked up a new indie hipster craze album, Spank Rock's
YoYoYoYoYoYo. It's supposed to be a crazy album, so I'll keep you update with how it goes.

While I'm on the subject of top albums, I'll give you my early top five of the year.

1. Ghostface-Fishscale
2. J Dilla Jay Dee-Donuts
3. Dirty Pretty Things-Waterloo To Anywhere
4. Dudley Perkins-Expressions
5. The Strokes-First Impressions Of Earth

Some good Rakim stuff

AllHipHop's take on the leak of Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Speaks on the leak

Keep voting for "Kick, Push" on TRL!! And add 106 & Park to the campaign.

Interesting fact: 106 & Park is more watched than TRL


Since Food & Liquor leaked, Lupe has said that he "doubts" the album will come out now. He said that he has been working on it for around 5 years now, and he hates to see all this work get let out like this. Well I haven't downloaded it yet, and I'm not plannning on doing it, and this was one of my most anticipated albums of the year. So I need this to come out. Well I thought I got to do something to try to turn his mind (Although I do think it will come out no matter what). I've made an account at MTV, so I could vote for "Kick, Push" on TRL. It just got premiered so yes, you can vote for it. Just go to this link, once you are logged in. Click "Kick, Push", then hit submit at the bottom. Vote!!

Remember Jack White was supposed to make a Coca-Cola song? Well it seemed like it was never going to happen, but today I tripped across the commercial. It's easily the coolest and most oddest Coke commercial ever. The song is pretty good, but the actual ad is really weird.

Gnarls Barkley review by Bol

On the newest Sound Opinions, Jim and Greg discuss Fishscale. You have to skip to about the last 3/4 of the episode to get to that part.

I passed on The Go! Team's debut last year. Boy was I wrong. It's easily my third favorite album of last year behind Kanye and M.I.A.

Ladyflash (Video)

My dad was one of those people who didn't like hip-hop, although he never really heard it. Well I showed him Biggie, Kanye, and Jay-Z. He likes it now. It goes along with my previous post about people whom if they actually listened to "Can I Live" they'd like it. My experiment proves that as a fact.


Stand up East London, Rascal!! Dizzee Rascal is supposedly having a new album titled Maths and English coming out in May. People who have heard Dizzee, must be very happy at the moment. This was such a nice surprise for me. I didn't think anything coming out relatively close could knock out Fishscale, but now Ghost might get some (very little) dust when Maths and English is dropped.

Plus, who needs gmail when you can get your own Dizzee Rascal email address. Let the movement begin.

You can watch around 10-15 mins. of his performance he did at Irvnig Plaza in NYC last year on his site. He raps the verses of "Dream" over the beat of "Juicy" at the end. It looks like it was a blast to be at.

He's touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Europe, so all you lads go and see him.

Dizzee makes some of the best videos around nowadays. I mean, watch these.

Fix Up Look Sharp
I Luv U

Another thing brightened up this cloudy Easter Day. On a calendar of hip-hop albums being released this year, Kanye West's next installement titled
Graduation is locked and loaded for an autumn release. Man, I love hip-hop.


I was searching around for an interview Jack White did with Rolling Stone back in the Elephant days in which he talked about how he wasn't that big of a fan of hip-hop outside of Wu-Tang and Outkast (he also thinks Missy Elliot is completely amazing((Double Parenthesis: the real reason I was looking for this interview was because I wanted to see the sentence again where Jack White said he liked Wu-Tang.)

Anyways, I found the little bit on After the little paragraph in which Lord Jack discussed his tastebuds inching away from hip-hop, the author of this blog oldie, jsmooth995, discusses just what it is that he loves about hip-hop:

"For 6 years I was a teacher/counselor for "emotionally disturbed" teens at a group home upstate. One day we went on a field trip and walked by a construction site, and the sound of drilling rattled our bones. As we went by one of my favorite students, Kelly Miles, turned to me and said "That sound is dope! Somebody needs to sample that and make a beat with it." I knew exactly what she meant, and what made that drilling sound so dope had nothing to do with rhythm, melody, or storytelling. It was the noise itself that had an irresistibly visceral quality to it. As Public Enemy so wisely observed, that's one of the most important qualities found in any good hip-hop- you have to bring the noise."

Link To Article

Excellent couple of paragraphs that completely and galactically sums up any hip-hop lover's ear evolution. The last week I've been able to sleep next to an open window at night. The wind breezes it's eerie breathes across the screen, bugs send out rhythmic hellos, goodbyes and everything in between, a train sends out its colossal doomsday screech while chugging across a steel trail. And my brain computes every one of these sounds into a song. I don't mean that in some arrogant Look, I'm Mozart way but rather the effect hip-hop has had on me. With other musical genres, such as rock for example, 95% of people working the gears think only within what the guitar can do. And when I say guitar I mean Keith Richards rhythm guitar strumming-the basic guitar sound. The ones who stick within this temple only stick along with this line; they don't think how they can make that train sound with guitar, how they make their appregoes sound like grasshoppers, how to create the push of wind. They only think within a very tight, restricted box, witch has created some of the most brilliant music on the planet, and will continue do as evident by the ultimateness known as the White Stripes. But the majority of these crowds are not nearly within the inventive range of Just Blaze, Pharrell, Dre, Kanye, RZA, MF Doom, or any of the other scientists sitting in a lab in their basement, trying to emulate the sound of scissors hitting a brick in a thunderstorm, about to blow our minds.


God bless Jim Thome. The Sox have won their 4th consecutive game, along with Thome extending his home run streak to 4 games as well. Now 6 HR on the year, technicially he is headed for 97 HR on the year. This lefty's swing is just beautiful. Everytime he swings the bat, it feels good. He is just so intimidating in the box to pitchers now. I get the same vibe when I watch Thome, as I do when Sheffield steps up to the plate. Just pure terror of something destructive. Thome's OBP is now .561, making him 2nd in the AL. He gets walked every game. Go ahead think I'm crazy, but I see the white version of Bonds right now. Lefty, powerful, intimidating, force, experienced veteran, and one hell of an OBP. Garland definitely was a scare today though. Two straight outings, where Jon has just got shelled. You still got time to spare, but don't keep us waiting much longer, we need you Garland. McCarthy has now allowed his first runs of the season, giving up 2 ER in 3 innings of work. But still a spectacular ERA of 2.00. With Paulie looking like he's locked in now, the Sox above .500, and this year's MVP known as Jim Thome, the Sox are heading to Chicago with some steam going.

Kanye has a DVD coming out really soon

Kanye in the studio

Cory Gunz' mixtapes at his website.

Listen to Black Milk

My sister made my whole family some chocolate chip pancakes, and they were amazing. I can't let this go, without some recgoniztion. So here's a variety of different pancake recipes for you to enjoy.


As we know, Proof from D12 has been shot to death. This is another tragic loss for hip-hop, caused by violence.

Something that gets me mad, is that this isn't being coveraged through out the news on TV. It's obviously gotten its way through the hip-hop crowd, but not the average human knows this. I mean come on, this should be broadcasted for everyone's eyes. People need to understand what is happening to people, specificly young black males. You have young black men getting their heads blown off all the time, but yet the news only finds time to show you the best way for you to step your golf game up. When they do find time to discuss matters having to do with violence, there is never coverage on blacks. I'm not saying I don't want people to know about what's happening in Iraq, but let's have a variety at least, to show what's happening to young black men. I don't want people to feist their eyes violence all the time, but you have to come to a point and agree that obvious things aren't being covered.

I'm worried that this will go into the eyes of people as hip-hop being violent and bad for people to listen to. We all know that MC's are trying to explain the opposite to us. Not many MC's encourage violence and sniffing cocaine. Listen to Reasonable Doubt. Jay-Z doesn't tell us he wanted to hustle, but he had to do this. He explains that we should never get involved with it.

Hip-hop is so true to us, that people can't handle it. Here in hip-hop, people don't sugar coat anything. They tell us straight up what's happening. But what average white parent will actually give Reasonable Doubt a chance? They look at the titles, and see that they had to sensor a title, so this surely must be bad for my kid. Some people don't give hip-hop a chance. I can't prove this, but I'm sure some, probably little, people would change their minds, if they actually listened to "Can't Knock The Hustle", "Can I Live", and "Regrets". Let's jump to right now America, fuck isn't a weapon, it's just a word.

Proof wasn't the greatest, most underappreciated MC ever, like some are now claiming. He was just a young black male hanging out in America.

R.I.P. Proof


I am a rabid fan of the internet, like fanboy #1. But one thing that makes me unbelievably sad about the proliferation of the internet is listener apathy. It seems that less and less people are sitting down and soaking in albums or even just songs. There's so much on the internet to get your hands, so many songs on so many blogs, that it proves irresistible to keep surfing the net. It's as if just saying you've heard the song is good enough nowadays, that actually letting it grind into your life and affect you is becoming more and more dangerously something of the past and it makes me incredibly sad. By no means whatsoever is getting glued to an album or song or artist as old as Civil War but it just seems as if we're losing that magical connection with it.

The ironic twist of the sword is just how much we are enshroud in music all around us. Blogs, websites, P2P services, Torrents, IPods, ITunes, TV, malls, stores, movies, videogames-just absolutely everywhere you go there is a jingle to accompany it. But the emotional chord is thinning for a lot of people. The trend isn't permanent by any means or the end of the magic-people said the same thing about FM radio, records, tapes, and CD's, and, tada, we're still loving it. So no, the internet isn't the end but rather the beginning of something new and exciting, people just have to find the grip on the handle so they sit down and enjoy every ounce of the new Ghostface record, Fishscale, which you can find at your local record store and electronic store retail or ITunes under Ghostface Killah. It's cheap, come on, go buy it!


Reported by MTV, Rakim and Nas are going to do buisness together. Not just passing the bills, passing the mic. This is great news for any person who knows moderately about hip-hop. Possibly, the two best MC's ever together, spinning our heads around like a kid in Toys 'R' Us. Since Nas is with Def Jam now, you know this project will be supplied with the right producers. I'm talkin Just Blaze, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Kanye West, possibly the Dr. will step by and give us our desire. Imagine that. Not only the two best MC's ever, but the best producer ever in Dr. Dre.

911's A Joke

The Sox have now picked up two wins in a row, after a near escape from nonother than the Royals. On Sundays finale in KC, Thome literally hit the ball out of the park. This is not scientificially proven, but look at this video. No one seems to know whats going on. Plus, you never see the ball land. Then today, we spoil Detroit's home opener, with a score of 5-3. Thome going long again, his fourth on the year. Garcia pitched well, with 6 innings of work, and 3 ER. Hopefully we at least get another victory out of this roadstand, to head back to Chitown on a good note.

What's going on with the Cubs? They are doing good, I mean they swept the Cards. (Note: Chicago you can now head over to your local ticket dealer to pick up your 2006 World Series Tickets.)

Former Roc-a-Fella Exectutive, Kenny Burns, has started up a new label. His spotlight artist is the nations capital's very own Wale. Burns says he is the next Jay-Z.

Ice Cube-Why We Thugs (Video)

I didn't like this song at first, but I'm starting to like it more. Although I just get a weird vibe when I see Ice Cube now. I just think of Are We There Yet?. By the way, look at that horrible album cover. It looks like a bad mixtape.


We've all heard of the collaboration between best MC alive, Ghostface and super producer, MF Doom. The only thing that has reached sound waves so far has been a track, Angeles, that will most likely feature on their collabo EP, Swift and Changeable. I really like the song. It reminds me of a song that would be in Chinatown. As does many of Doom's cuts. By the way, the thing I mentioned about a GhostDOOM mixtape I found. Well it was phoney, so I'm sorry for getting your hopes up.

Thank you, Karl Malone.

A nice preview schedule of key hip-hop releases for the whole year.

Cuban Linx 2 info from RZA.

Check out Austin, over at What We All Want.

Google Going iTunes?

It looks like the Indians are going to be a tough contender in the Chisox way this year. The Indians picked up another victory against the Twins, in an 11-6 blowout. Sox are taking on KC, so hopefully we'll bounce back after a disappointing opening homestand.

Have you noticed when someone like Roger Clemens pitches inside, and hits someone, he is just playing the game right and teaching the hitter a lesson. But when Pedro throws inside and hits someone, he is being a dirty player.

Just Might Be Okay- Lupe Fiasco

This is the B-side to Kick, Push.

If anyone wants Papoose mixtapes, post below.


Lately I've been listening to the Silent Hill soundtrack (for the videogame, and it's really more of a mixtape of all the series' music/sounds). The Silent Hills have always been brilliant maestroes, using sounds and music in more ways than one that have actually surpassed a lot of what has rolled out of Hollywood. Anyways, the other record I've been listening to a lot is still Ghostface. I was scavaging around the booklet, looking up where the samples were from and clicked: why the hell aren't more rappers turning to videogame soundtracks for inspiration? Videogame soundtracks have never been taken seriously as works of outstanding art as they should be, more like novelty tunes you hum when your friends are around to make them laugh, but some of them are absolutely amazing. Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy, Diablo; the list can absolutely go on forever. But would these match up with rappers? Brilliantly yes. Videogame soundtracks are used for atmosphere, not just jingleness. Silent Hill, for example, has mixes of slight rud-da-du-dum drumming, white noise, thin mandolin peels, and shoe steps; it's an audio collage but also has an eerie beauty to it. Feces will comfortably slide down to your socks, yes, but still, it's amazing. The emphasis on atmosphere undeniably suits hip-hop's storytelling ways, almost more like classical piece, really. The combination of Ghostface rapping over a siren and white noise (with no drums-that would be awesome) would create pretty blurry line between if that brown stuff by your butt was from ear-awesomeness of terror-come-anal-leakage.

Anyways, this sounds like it could at least be interesting so I'm going to see what I can make of it. Toodles


The newest leak to the growing Gnarls Barkley collection, 'Just A Thought', is the best yet. It has splashing symbols, and tinkling spanish guitars. Cee-Lo's voice really standsout on it, more so than anyother Cee-Lo song to date. He doesn't nessecarily belt out notes and such, but he gives a candid performance, and a very calm, relaxing voice. Yet it still feels like a storm is arising inside him. Dangermouse has his moment, when he makes the song float around in wonderful music at the last minute.

Just A Thought

St. Elsewhere Tracklisting:

1. Go-Go Gadget Gospel
2. Crazy
3. St. Elsewhere
4. Gone Daddy Gone
5. Smiley Faces
6. The Boogie Monster
7. Feng Shui
8. Just A Thought
9. Transformer
10. Who Cares?
11. On-Line
12. Necromancer
13. Storm Coming
14. The Last Time

Also, Cee-Lo made a fresh track with Jack Splash of Plantlife, under the name Lovestink. It's another homerun for Cee-Lo.

Gangsta Boogie

I have found a mixtape with MF Doom and Ghostface. Stay Tuned...
How many people can you screw over? Suge Knight has filed for bankruptcy after the highly possible chance of Death Row. You all know the story by now, Suge didn't pay money to someone who declares he just as much made Death Row as much as Suge did (financially speaking).

Suge Knight has put people under the bus before, literally and methaporhicly speaking. A more notable one was with Dick Griffey who is the former chairman of Solar Records. Griffey was close with Suge, even considered a father figure, claimed that there was a written agreement with Knight, in which Griffey deserved a large amount of the gross revenue Death Row was making. Griffey then was just about set to release a $125 million breach-of-partnership on Knight, but Knight and Griffey met, and cleared up the incident.

I don't know if Suge is going to try to clear this one up. I mean Michael Harris isn't exactly a father figure to our knowledge. It doesn't look like they are ready to discuss the matters, especially privately, since Harris is currently serving time.

This incident will affect some, but the music industry and music customers are clearly not hungry for anymore Death Row records anytime soon. What was the last decent Death Row album? About 10 years ago. Death Row only makes money from the newest Snoop Dogg greatest hits compilation, and for people who feel the need to buy The Chronic for the 6th time, just to make sure, if any of the albums burn out (which makes sense, safety first).

I have a question. The songs of Death Row would be handed over to the court. Does this mean that the original artists would own their own songs? That would be tremendous for an artist to finally have the rights to the masterpieces they've made.

I wonder how many FREE SUGE signs there will be this time around?


This is the time of the year when I take off the headphones and put on ESPN all day. Due to the opening of the 2006 Baseball season, my number of posts, will now be lower. I usually watch every White Sox game of the year, and spend hours on the White Sox message boards instead of music message boards. It will be more of a couple times a week sort of blog now. This will also allow me to put together more focused essays hopefully for the blog, instead of just posting MP3 after MP3. I will still post artists that won't get noticed just to help them out a bit.

My predictions for each division are the following:

AL West: Oakland A's
AL Central: Chicago White Sox
AL East: NY Yankees

NL West: LA Dodgers
NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals
NL East: NY Mets

The NL looks so weak this year. White Sox will repeat this year.


Busta Rhymes is officialy reaching John Rocker status. Sure the guy can make innoative music, but he is a first class moron. He recently smashed a glass bottle over Source magazine founder David Mays. This caused 50 stitches in the head for Mays. It was attempted possibly because the connection with Source disrespecting 50 Cent and Eminem, who Busta shares a record label with, and obviously must be pretty close for him to put 50 stitches in someone's head.

Busta then was chilling at 11th Street Diner in Miami. It's located right next to a gay club called Twist. At 11th Street, there were numerous drag queens, gay men, and transvestites. One gay fan approached him, and tapped him on the shoulder harmlessly, not in any gay manner, and congratulated Busta on his recent work. Busta must care enough about gay people, just as much as the current red, white, and blue leader, because Busta then hollered at the fan for his approachment. Then Busta's bodyguards pushed the fan away. The worst part is next. Busta whispered to the bodyguards that he "hates fuckin faggots." What's going on man? I can't imagine what would happen if there was an openly gay rapper in hip-hop today.