You'll Be Screaming Like A White Girl

Prince's new single "Black Sweat" is growing so stupidly fast. I can't stop listening to it. It only gets better and better each time. "When I count to three you'll be screaming like a white girl," is just pure ulimate. At first I didn't like the screeching synth, now it sounds perfect. I was watching BET and they played the video two or three times within an hour. Then the next day is going again. So that's good. I've never actually heard the first single, that was a spanish ballad. But I did watch the SNL performance, and he played another new track called "Fury" and it was pretty splendid. If you haven't seen the set yet, Prince was shredding like a mad-man. But someone on a Prince fan site said he was at a listening party for 3121 and the guitar was more a backround instrument in the studio version. Interesting. Well the point is "Black Sweat" is not a song anymore, but more of a hobby.

Black Sweat MP3