Wise Mecca is a female MC/Singer. She will obviously bring comparisons to the likes of Lauryn Hill, but she still has a refreshing voice with still a griddy and homemade feel to the production. Her song "Ghetto Gospel" is on high play of late, and her debut album titled Supreme Mathamatics is in the making.

Ghetto Gospel

The Myspace of the day is DJ Bazz. He is a producer who made a song that reminds me of the Ghost Dog soundtrack, but if Dr. Dre made a beat for it.

All Hip-Hop interview with Vakill. Vakill's newest release, Worst Fear Confirmed, is early contender for album of the year without a doubt.

T.I.'s new album, King, is on The Leak on MTV for those of you who havent heard it yet. The first nine tracks are phenomenal, but then the second half falls off the map. The tracklisting is also pretty horrible.

Tune in tomorrow for a new upcoming MC who'll most likely blow your face off.