Track A Tiger

Track A Tiger are a phenomenal Chicago band. They were started by Jim Vallet in 2003. It was origianlly meant to be a solo project. He started the poor man's way with 4-track recording, then upgraded to 16-track and began recording some sound. He had musicians back him up for recording. He then thought it was time to put the last chapter on the album and have the album be mixed. After the mixing process, Jim thought it just wasn't right. He kept working on it, by adding lyrics and adding different parts to songs. Basically just putting some icing on the cake. Then he had Pat Stolley mix and master the album. It was right this time around. The process ended up producing the 2006 released, Woke up early the day i died. Get this, on their website you can listen to the whole album for...let me finish...FREE. It's great by my standards. Since I live fashionably close to them, I'm going to see if they can hook us up with a interview.

Glad To Be Scattered MP3

Sound As Ever MP3