This MC I'm showing you is kind of mysterious. I can't find a picture of him. He doesn't say which specific hood he grew up in NYC. I'll try to give you what I can. He is Little Vic and was bred somewhere in NYC. He gets regualar play by DJ Whoo Kid on Hot 97. He is working on his debut album which will be released on Flood Industries. He's had tracks produced by high profile producers forsay DJ Premier and Red Spyda. His debut album will be released in the first quarter of 2006, so it must be released soon. I think Vic has lots of talent, and if he keeps getting makers like Premier, then he'll have a great album in store for us. What if you put this guy on a Just Blaze track?

Soundclick (Listen to Exorcist)

Here's a Just Blaze article from the Village Voice.

This Chicago rock band Tenki emailed me their music. I must say they are pretty good. It's not too weird, but it's weird enough to grab your attention. Plus it's poppy enough to keep you interested. Because some indie bands are weird, but it can be boring.

Fishscale is a 5 mic album in my opinion. Everytime I listen to it, I hear new stuff, and enjoy it more. I love how there isn't many choruses. Just Ghostface rapping and doing it better than anyone in the game right now. His lyrics are tremendous on this album. 'Shakey Dog' is a whole story, with enough details that I could make my own short picture book on it. 'Big Girl' is about a girl who's addicted to cocaine, but Ghost is trying to tell her that she's got to get off of it to succeed. Even on his boast tracks, the lyrics are far superior then any thing. Listen to the first verse on 'Be Easy'. I don't think anybody is going to lay a beef on Ghostface. He'll just lay a smackdown on them. The MF Doom tracks are so weird and amazing. 'Underwater' has the perfect music for the lyric content. The lyrics seem to be about a dream. The music is haunting with the oooo's, and the flute makes it real dreamy. 'Jellyfish' sounds like a Beatles track from Magical Mystery Tour. Just Blaze once again doesn't fail, with the monster track 'The Champ'. Even the Wu-Tang reunion cut rocks. At first I thought, a Wu-Tang cut? I thought it was going to be sort of cheesy. Was I wrong or what? It's incredible, with once again Doom supplying a killer beat. All hail Ghostface Killah!

Bad news. Although King is great, Fishscale is better. But King is selling its share of copies...