The Strokes @ Radio 1

The Strokes (Julian Casablancas) did a session with Zane Lowe with Radio 1 on Wednesday March 8th. I thought I'd post it for some people.


Interview Pt. 1
You Only Live Once (Alternate Version)
Interview Pt. 2
Heart In A Cage
Interview Pt. 3
Interview Pt. 4
Life's A Gas (Ramones Cover)

Download Session

On the upcoming "Heart In A Cage" single, there is a demo titled "I'll Try Anything Once". The alternate version of "You Only Live Once" in the Radio 1 session is just a the same song as the album version, but with different lyrics and vocal approaches. Julian said before in an interview that the first version of "You Only Live Once" was just him on piano with different lyrics, and when he explained some of the lyrics the phrase, I'll try anything once, was included. So I think the demo on "Heart In A Cage" will be cool. Also the "Life's A Gas" is the Ramones cover that they've been featuring in their live set. And the interviews are just Julian Casablancas, not any other members.