Romey is the chosen one I was speaking of yesterday. I'm so excited for a proper release from this guy. This is one of the more hyped up rappers of late for myself. He grew up as a boy from the City Of Wind. Then moved around the globe for a bit, due to issues. He is a staggering and intimitating 6'7". He will literally lay a smackdown on you. His flow is an utmost gift from God. He reflects inspiration from Hova. He does that swaggering asshole laugh after he owns the mic just like Jay. There is a track where he lets his fellow Get Rich Record employees jump on the mic with him. The other MC's do their share, but when Romey takes the mic towards the end, you just feel something. Put some beats behind him, and drop a record ASAP.

Myspace (Listen to Get Rich All Stars and Go Crazy freestyle over and over and over again.)