The Red Campaign: What You Can Do Without Your Wallet

The Red Campaign, the economic activism program that Bono started alongside with supporters Converse, Gap, Amarni, and American Express, that donates 1% of certain "red"-endorsed products to the fight against illnesses that disrupt, in firebombing fashion, progress in Africa. Now, giving only 1% of certain products surely does not seem all that spectacular, but it does add up considerably if you tall up the fact that a pair of kicks costs roughly $50, so take 1% of that and you get $5 going to straight to charity (no tackle on fees to subtract from it, so far) and brand new pair of kicks. American Express works with 1% of every purchase you make so that adds up even higher, and Armani and the Gap's products are pricey enough to throw weight behind endorsing the product.

I think the general complaint among people is that corporations run America, that people have no foothold or say in what happens on the hill. I got news for you bub- we control corporations. Corporations flat out cannot exist without our wallets springing opening and dumping on their counters while they dance around the maypole. This is exactly where we can make a difference. What we need to do is make it cool to help people. People set the news flavors cool to be put out, corporations just put them in the wrappers. So what needs to be done? For starters, contact the companies below asking them to put in their support for the Red Campaign. In your phone call or email simply ask them to throw their support into the campaign by donating certain products to be put under the Red Campaign and to put money behind advertising them with a link attached to the Red Campaign website. Simple as that. Its only 1% of the revenue of certain products- trust me, they can afford it. There are a bajillion companies that would be outstanding to get help from, but these companies are just a few that have a pulse on culture as a large. If you have any companies, small or big (in fact, a lot of smaller companies would be a lot more effective than a few big ones), contact us at Grandma's Basement or respond to this post and we can further the campaign. So once again, get a hold of these guys and spread the word to do so among everybody you know.

Abercrombie 1
Abercrombie 2
Apple 2
American Eagle

On top of that I wish for everybody here to email the Red Campaign and persuade them to donate more than 1% of selected products. The percentage could certainly be higher and the amount of goods offered could be as well. But, keep in mind, for these changes to made the campaign needs to take off, so it is more important to both buy the goods as well as persuade other companies to pin the tail on the donkey with them. I would really want to get all the media outlets, from MTV to Wired to Urb to Vanity Fair to Teen Vogue, to get behind this as much as possible, but we'll start here for now. This is only the first post on the matter but we're going to be getting much more detailed and involved in our tactics on how to get these programs flying so stay tuned for sure on how to help.

Red Campaign

Remember to read up on the Red Campaign before you start committing to it.
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