Q&A With El Chavo

If you remember I recently did a post on El Chavo. Scroll down a few and its there. He took some time out to do a brief e-interview with us.

Grandma's Basement:What does El Chavo translate to, and how does this describe you?
El Chavo: El Chavo means "the kid" in Mexican. It was a hilarious T.V. show I watched some time ago.

GB: You are from Barcelona, which is a brand new spot for hip-hop to come out of. How did you come across hip-hop, and which specific album made you think to yourself, "This is what I want to do."?
El: I used to be more into Ska, reggae, but then i got a copy of Beastie Boys' Check Your Head, I started investigating about hip hop, then came De La Soul ATCQ, J5...

GB: How long have you been making beats, more specifically worthwhile beats?
El: Not more than 2 years.

GB: What MC would you die for to rhyme over you beats?

GB: What kind of mechanisim do you use to get MC's to rap for you? Do you be polite and let them breathe, or are you a bulldog that doesn't give up until you get an answer?
El: Luckily I'm a friend of some rappers already (Cyne, The Botanica del Jibaro Crew, Psyche Origami....), I just tell them about my new beats and they decide if they wanna rap. The other collabs I got them from justing posting a new track on Myspace.

GB: When an MC spits for you, do you write the lyrics for them, or do they put the pen to the paper?
El: They have 100% freedom.

GB: Have you ever been involved with ghostwriting?
El: Nope

GB: If you could knock any artist from the mainstream off the map, who would it be and why?
El: Just the ones I started to listening hip-hop with.

GB: Hip-hop from foreign countries is starting to slitther around in America. You have the grime scene in the U.K., you have M.I.A., and then of course you have huge artists like Sean Paul from Jamaica. Why do you think it took the US a while to get hooked on this?
El: I think it's cultural, in the States most of the bands do it for money, in Europe and other places hip-hop is still a form of expressing your thoughts, fighting the system...

GB: Will we ever see you put on the headphones and start rappping?
El: No!

GB: Do you have an album in the works for us?
El: Yes yes, I'll keep you posted.