Okay, Wake Up

I am going to make this very clear- this government is completely fucked up. You know it, I know it. If Helen Keller was locked in a room with not a scratch of communication or brail in sight she would probably pick up on the vibes, too. From domestic spying (not "terrorist surveliance", domestic spying), ridicilous ports deals, with hypocritical reasons for doing so in tow, to a complete piss down followed by a people's elbow to any form of human rights abroad, I can't imagine what else it would take for the powers that be to at least say, "Listen, umm, I think that taking a dos-er on the constitution, and the minority holding on to it with dear life, might not be the best idea in the book." But, of course, politicians ring their hands and talk with complete asshole objectivity- "On one hand, yeah, electrocuting an innocent man who has never been given a chance to go on trial or knows where the fuck he is, how the fuck he got there, and why he can't feel his genetalia, that kind of stinks. On the other hand, I mean, it makes sense." What!?!?! Does anybody else find it completely sad and depressing that we have things like microwaves, DVDs, XBoxes, and Ferraris, but we still do something as completely prehistoric as war?

What anybody who reads this has to do is follow this
link to the senator home page and either call (which is more recommended for at least that sends a clear message that if they can't pick up the phone because it's so fucking jammed, maybe people don't like the idea of the goverment knowing everything anybody has ever searched for on Google) or send an email, preferrably both, and tell everyone you know to do the same. Listen, this needs to be done because if we allow these Banana Splits to run around turning the world into Mad Max (I hope you've stocked up machine guns and Tina Turner wigs), then we're just flat out saying the hell with it, do whatever the fuck you want. Stop complaining about how "Bush is the devil" or whatever and act. Again here is the link. Go get 'em.

Once more, le link.