Najubes- The Japanese Hip-Hop Obsession Continues!

Why are Japanese people so freaking cool? Just like love and music, I'm sure a scientist could put out the proper genetic code for exactly why but, just like love and music, it just makes it more mysterious and wonderful than ever before (note: this is coming from a young padawan otaku so naturally anything neon and indecipherable I will obsess over).

So if you combine my love of all things Japanese plus my love of all things hip-hop plus Anime tunes plus jazz music, what do you get? Najubes, a Japanese hip-hop producer who is the head force of the Samurai Champloo soundtrack. If you are a fan of anything Wu-Tang, produced by Rza or not, you will adore this guy. If you are a fan of God and really want to hear what it sounds like when he enters the room, this your chance. If you're an aetheist, this might prove your point; no way anything could be bigger or better than this. His music is fantastically hip and hynotic, invigorating and relaxing, and completely brilliant. The soundtrack to Champloo must be heard (follow the links on this blog), either on their own or alongside with the show, which can be seen on weekdays (tonight! Pinto now with me!) at 1 A.M, so make sure you check out the latest adventures of Fuu, Jin, and Mugen.

Here's a link to Najubes spot on Myspace. Enjoy and spread the news!