The most intimidating and coolest guy in hip-hop keeps getting cooler. Ja Rule has signed up to do P.Diddy's new celebrity gauntlet, Cooking Showdown. His competition includes Tom Arnold and Ashley Parker Angel. I can't imagine how many 'Goddamn's were gonna hear. Tom Arnold will be on his A-Game with jokes like "It's hot!" and imitating black people. Don't watch this, because Food Network just started an Apprentice like show where a number of people try to become Fodd Network's next star. It's on Thurday's at 9 or 10 ET. Keep it real Ja.

Everyone buy Toure's new book Never Drank The Kool-Aid. It's a compilation of articles he wrote for NY Times, Rolling Stone, Village Voice, etc. There are some of the bets hip-hop articles I've ever read in here. I'm interviewing Toure today, so I'll post the interview tomorrow hopefully.

Off to buy Fishscale...