The Impossible Shapes

I Guess I'm Floating beat me to the punch with this band. I was on my way to post about them, and so I'm finishing up my daily looks, and what do you know, they have already posted on The Impossible Shapes. So any readers of IGIF, sorry for the repeat of info, but I just really wanted to post about them. Well for any first-comers, The Impossible Shapes are a group of guys from Bloomington Indiana, which is only a few steps away from my current living space, Chesterton Indiana. They are one of many who are pulling and clawing the Bob Dylan-esque lo-fi folk style. They're music has a rather refreshing feeling to it. There latest album, Hums (released March 7th), is another addition to their trophey cabinet.

Our Love Lives MP3
Florida Silver Springs MP3

Also, the members of the Shapes have many side projects. One of them being The Coke Dares. I still can't tell if these songs are jokes or for real. Regardless, they are just rocking songs.

Rocking All The Time MP3