Ghostface comes out tomorrow (Everyone buy it, I mean its only $6.99 at Best Buy)! I've only read XXL and Rolling Stone's reviews of it, and they both gave it a 4/5 (XL=4/5). I haven't heard the album yet, I'm holding out til tomorrow, and I'm already mad that it hasn't gotten straight 5's. It seems like the indie sites have reviewed the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's today, so Ghostface can get the spotlight tomorrow. Most hyped up release of the year for me so far. Ghostface is going to be on BET's Rap City tonight at 5 ET. Make sure you check that out. By the way does anybody know if 'Back Like That' has been getting any video or radio play?

Sound Opinion did a podcast with Jeff Chang on hip-hop. It's a little bit old (March 11th), but here it is.

'ATL' the movie has to have extreme security!?!? How often to white people have to have extreme security in a movie theatre?

Artifakt is a Brooklyn rapper that I like enough that I'd post him on Grandma's Basement. Listen to him.

Showin Love
I'm Coming (Introduction)

I've started to listen to E-40's new album, and I'm enjoying myself. It reminds me of the Ying Yang Twins last record. Just off the wall beats, with some unique flows brought to the table.

My current judgement on T.I.'s King is currently a 4 mic album. Bordering 4.5 mics. It's the best thing I've heard all year so far. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves, a certain Fishscale comes out tomorrow.

The Black Eyed Peas have a good song! That was thought to never come out of not just my mouth, but out of anybody's mouth. It's called 'They Don't Want Music'. It features James Brown, produced by Pete Rock, and will feature on their upcoming remix EP, Renegotiations: The Remixes.