Ever since Tuesday, approximately at 4:37 in the late afternoon, the only record to challenge the ongoing musical assault that is Prince on my ears (Q: Will it ever end? A: No. And I'm giddy over that) is Ghostface's newest masterpiece, Fishscale. It's an unbelievably gorgeous album swimming deep in psychedelic, Just Blaze-ness, urban soul, and gritty drug-slinger noir. Songs cover topics as diverse as drug deals gone bad to how kids today are being brought up to be a bunch of Veruca Salts (with hilarious interlude skit before this). Fucking hell, the 1 minute or so skits/interludes are better than pretty much anything else you've heard all year, probably for the rest of the year. The lyrical complexity behind the songs is un-fucking-believable, the almost Jack Kerouac style of writing spitting out intense, nail biting, goosebumping, gut busting tales from the "clean" streets of Staten Island like Tarantino flicks smacked down into a 4 minute window. It's an outstanding accomplishment for music as a whole, not just the lyrical side. MF Doom, J Dilla, Just Blaze, and others contribute musical landscapes that perfectly synch up Ghostface's taste for, well, anything and everything. Genius that just keeps getting tastier.