Denizen Kane

Denizen Kane is an Asian rapper from Chicago who now lives in Oakland. He might play guitar, but I'm not sure, but some of his tracks have guitars in them. But then there are pictures of a guy called Denizen Kane playing guitar but it only slightly looks like the rapper. But his music is pretty top-notch. He's part of the rap group, Typical Cats and also the rap group I Was Born With Two Tongues. He is a a lyrically based rapper with some fine music in the backround as his battery power. Some tracks he'll be mimicking the Strokes or sometimes he'll be a detective show theme song. His album Tree City Legends was released in 2002, and it's a magnificent album. He had a follow-up album titled Tree City Legends Vol.2: My Bootleg Life which was released in December 2005. I contacted his record label , Galapagos4 , and they could possibly set an interview up with him for us. So look out for it.

Only Sleeping MP3
Early Burn MP3