Black People Suck

That's what seems to be going through the minds of the 'indie' band that no one knows about called the Hawthorne Heights. The Hawthorne Heights sent out a message to fans telling them to make sure they were on top of the Billboard 200 by the end of the week. Their main competitor, Ne-Yo, is considered you're worst nightmare. They call him an over the top mainstream media coverage freak. What?!!?! These guys are exclusively on TRL. They say they want ROCK music to prevail over urban music. Translator: Bust out the confederacy flags. They also state in the message that they want their independant record label, Victory Records, to destroy the major labels. They say this would change history and alter the minds of millions. No it wouldn't. People buying the Hawthorne Heights album are currently picking up their new shirt from Hot Topic. They call their statement a 'battle cry' for white republicans to officialy take down black people and their over the top culture.
Hawthorne Heights also sent another message. This time they have strategies. They are telling all of their fans to put all their albums in the front racks and take some and put them in sections of the store where it isn't located. They even told their fans to sneak into the overstock bin and take extra albums and put them all over the store. Then it gets better. They ordered their fans to take multiple Ne-Yo's albums and put them where people can't find them. (Note: Check the washers and dryers, and also one fan stupidly hid 18 copies behind the 65" Plasma.) Basically they are recruiting ninjas to 'accidently' round-house kick Ne-Yo fans in the face. What person in their right mind is thinking, "You know what, these guys are right." So everyone buy a copy of In My Own Words by Ne-Yo.

Here's the full text of the letters.