The Knife

The Knife's Silent Shout gets my honor as the album of February, and the whole year in that matter (so far). The lyrics don't make sense at times, but other times it's very political and quite amazing. For a sample of the lyricism, here's a chilling line from "Forest Families", "They said we had a communist in the family// I had to wear a mask." The album atmosphere is so dreamy and very hipnotic. Almost at times getting that Kid A vibe. There are actually tracks on here that strangely remind me of M.I.A. But if she messed with her vocal chords a bit and the beats were more electronic based (I can actually see M.I.A. making a similar album). The point is this album is amazing, and deserves that leftover Best Buy giftcard from Christmas (It actually doesn't have a release date ready for the States).

Forest Families MP3
The Captain MP3