Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Show Your Bones has leaked about 92%. "The Sweets" goes about 15 sec. and then cuts off, but other than that, its there. I'm not going to listen to it, because of that little fault. I want to listen to the full thing, complete and perfect. So I picked some random track for MP3 purposes.

Phenomena MP3

For people who have listened to it, please tell me how it is.

The Knife

The Knife's Silent Shout gets my honor as the album of February, and the whole year in that matter (so far). The lyrics don't make sense at times, but other times it's very political and quite amazing. For a sample of the lyricism, here's a chilling line from "Forest Families", "They said we had a communist in the family// I had to wear a mask." The album atmosphere is so dreamy and very hipnotic. Almost at times getting that Kid A vibe. There are actually tracks on here that strangely remind me of M.I.A. But if she messed with her vocal chords a bit and the beats were more electronic based (I can actually see M.I.A. making a similar album). The point is this album is amazing, and deserves that leftover Best Buy giftcard from Christmas (It actually doesn't have a release date ready for the States).

Forest Families MP3
The Captain MP3



Do I need to say anything?

Crackspot MP3
The Champ MP3

Our boys at Spine hooked us up real good

Nagisa Yoko

Nagisa Yoko is a japanese artist. She makes really odd electronic/pop songs. They seem obnoxious, but quickly grown on you and become extremely enjoyable. She does loads of cool stuff. For example, she threw a karokee party for homeless communities with her as the main guest. She has an entourage called the Erotic Trois. She is coming out with a new album,Hey You!, on March 22.

Zeni Zeni MP3


Steve Burns

Steve Burns is the guy from Blues Clues. He went from Nick Jr. hero to now almost looking like Fab. The guy actually makes quality tunes. They have a little touch of secretary rock to them, but they still get the job done successfully.

Maintain MP3

Dudley Perkins

Bring the funk my brother! He is on the magnificent Stones Throw records. His upcoming album Expressions is being produced by Madlib. This is guranteed ultimate-mega.

Funky Dudley MP3